My name is Thomas Kobber Panum, and I am currently employed as a Ph.D. Student at Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University (AAU). Historically speaking, I obtained my M.Sc. Software Engineering with a specialization in Machine Intelligence (thesis) from AAU by 2014. Before I came back to academia in December 2017, I worked in industry as a Data Scientist across various sectors, namely: medical (Enversion), insurance (Ecsact, Tryg Forsikring) and logistics (part of consultancy).

My research interest resides within the field of security aspects of using machine learning and using machine learning to solve security problems. Currently my focus is to improve the robustness of phishing detection models through the use of adversarial learning.

Non-scientific interest include: classic electronic music, mountain biking, sourdough baking, ergonomic keyboards, and customization of my linux desktop.