My name is Thomas Kobber Panum, and I am currently employed as a Ph.D. Student at Deparment of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University (AAU). Historically speaking, I obtained my M.Sc. Software Engineering with a specialization in Machine Intelligence (thesis) in from AAU in 2014. Before I came back to academia in December 2017, I worked in industry as a Data Scientist across various sectors, namely: medical (Enversion), insurance (Ecsact, Tryg Forsikring) and logistics (part of consultancy). This left me with over five years of hands-on experience with creating mathematical prediction models both across academia and industry.

My research primarily focuses on improving the robustness of phishing detection models through the use of adversarial learning.

Non-scientific interest include: classic electronic music, mountain biking, sour-dough baking, ergonomic keyboards, and customization of my linux desktop.