This section covers the teaching I have conducted during my time as a teacher and PhD at Aalborg University (AAU).


Sikker softwareudvikling i praksis (Secure Software in Practice), IT Vest, Spring 2019. Taught in collaboration with René Rydhof Hansen

Webapplikationssikkerhed (Security of Web Applications), IT Vest, Autumn 2018. Taught in collaboration with René Rydhof Hansen

Sikker software (Secure Software), IT Vest, Autumn 2018. Taught in collaboration with René Rydhof Hansen

Trafikanalyse og netværkssikkerhed (Traffic Analysis and Network Security), IT Vest, Autumn 2017. Taught in collaboration with Jens Myrup Pedersen and Kaspar Hageman.


As a central piece of AAU’s problem-based learning model, there has been implemented semesterly projects (15 ETCS) for every semester. Despite the smaller workload, the structure of the projects are comparable to classical theses (bachelor, master).

Computer Science, 9th Semester — Fall 2018

Pre-specialization for master thesis, co-supervised with René Rydhof Hansen

Computer Science, 4th Semester — Spring 2018

aRay: Multi-core parallelization of Matrix Operation — six students

Software Engineering, 4th Semester — Spring 2015

GAMBL: GPU Accelerated Matrix Based Language — six students

NOVA: Not Only Visual [Programming Language for Children in Elementary School] — six students

A Poker Language — two students

Design and Implementation of the EC Language — six students

Programming Language for Adolescents — five students

Trinity: Scientific Computing on the GPU — six students