Thomas Kobber Panum

Thomas Kobber Panum

Disable Bouncer Playback Spam for Emacs Circe Notifications

August 10, 2018 — Thomas Kobber Panum

I recently changed to using circe as my everyday IRC client. Despite the circe-notifications being featureful, the suggested way to reduce notification spam from your irc bouncer is a bit of a hack. As stated in the readme, simply delay the activation hook by x seconds and pray it is large enough for missing all notifcations during playback.

Team Chat

From my experience it works reasonably well, however, when you work on a laptop (with circe-lagmon-mode for reconnection after suspend) the issue persist as you reconnect to your bouncer in the same emacs session. I am using ZNC as my bouncer, and it conviently prefixes all messages with a timestamp. Knowing this, I customized circe-notifications-notify to ignore messages with such a prefix.

(defun circe-notifications-notify (nick body channel)
  (unless (string-match "^\[[0-9]+:[0-9]+\]" body)
       :severity circe-notifications-alert-severity
       :title nick
       :style circe-notifications-alert-style)))