Thomas Kobber Panum

Thomas Kobber Panum

Hello Hugo!

June 12, 2016 — Thomas Kobber Panum

About every second year, I suddenly feel the urge to change the layout of my blog. This usually leads to not only a visual face-lift of the blog, but also an excuse to give into new technologies that have emerged within the last years.

This year is no excuse, and I decided to dive into Hugo, which is a static website engine written in Go. I have spent the last year primary programming in Go and Python, and it’ve been an absolute joy. Seeing Hugo being written in Go, dragged me right in (despite no Go knowlegde needed in order to use Hugo).

Hugo is primary based around three technologies: (Cross platform statically linked) Binary for processing, Markdown for content, and Go Templates for layouts. The Hugo binary will help you with initializing new projects, content creation, and (extremely fast) real-time processing of content.

As of writing Hugo is currently version 0.16, but don’t let that scare you. It’s already widely used, and the project has over 10.000 stats on GitHub.

Hugo Logo

This video will guide you how to get up and running with Hugo in 2 minutes.