Thomas Kobber Panum

Thomas Kobber Panum


You are more than welcome to reach out to me, I strive to be open and curious for new conversations.

Reach out using email

Generally I browse my email inboxes daily, with an exception during holidays. Depending on your inquiry, please select the best suited email below:

In case you do not get a reply, it is most likely due to me being too busy for answering at the moment, or in a rare scenario I might have overlooked your message unintentionally.


Send me an email asking for a call and describe its purpose. Following this, we can arrange a suitable platform and time frame for the call.

Meet with me

If you see me at a conference, don’t be shy to reach out. However, if you desire to meet me in my natural habitat, you can find me in at my office in Aalborg.

Office in Aalborg

Ensuring the pressence of me, requires arranging an appointment on before hand. Feel free to reach out using email, in order arrange one. You find my office located in the following address:

Aalborg University
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7A, A3-213
9000 Aalborg