Traffic Analysis and Network Security (Autumn 2017) Taught an introductory lecture to machine learning, and how it can be used in a security setting

Secure software development ()


This section covers the supervision I have conducted at Aalborg University through its problem-based learning model. Each project is valued at 15 ETCS.

Computer Science, 4th Semester — Spring 2018

aRay: Multi-core parallelization of Matrix Operation (Group of 6)

Computer Science, 4th Semester — Spring 2015

GAMBL: GPU Accelerated Matrix Based Language (Group of 6)

NOVA: Not Only Visual [Programming Language for Children in Elementary School] (Group of 6)

A Poker Language (Group of 2)

Design and Implementation of the EC Language (Group of 6)

Programming Language for Adolescents (Group of 5)

Trinity: Scientific Computing on the GPU (Group of 6)